Six Big Reasons Why Your House Isn’t Selling

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Anyone selling their house wants a quick sale. If your house has been on sale for quite some time, you may be wondering why your house isn’t selling. In cases like these, lowering your asking price might seem like the quickest solution to get more people interested.

However, there may be other reasons as to why your house isn’t selling, which you can address in different ways. That said,  you really don’t have to lower the price of your house – unless of course, you’ve priced it wrong to begin with.


Here’s why your house isn’t selling…

To address your problem, it’s important to find out where you’re having trouble and what you can do about it. 

why your house isn't selling

Pricing is one of the main determinants in having a quick and successful sale. This is also where many sellers get it all wrong. If you live in a seller’s market like Denver, you may be tempted to sell your home at a really high price. Initially, it makes sense to start the asking price high, so you can deal with negotiations and haggling later on. However, setting the amount too high will make people question if you are really serious in your offer. Also you might end up missing on genuine inquiries. Thus, it’s important to get your pricing right by doing proper research. Look at current market trends. compare your house with similar ones in the market or check with a Pennsylvania realtor to get the most appropriate price.

why your house isn't selling

Almost 90% of people who check out homes in person find out about the house online. Thus, your online listing is really your first point of contact with them. If your listing does not impress or catch their attention, then that can be a cause of why your house isn’t selling.

Make sure that you show your house’s best assets by writing a comprehensive listing. Describe your house in detail, what sets it apart from others and why they should buy it. Don’t forget to post great photos, too.

why your house isn't selling

People who are looking to buy your home will want a place that they can move into right away. If you’re expecting to sell at full price, then you also need to make sure that your house is in great condition. You don’t need to completely renovate everything. However, pay attention to big things that catch attention right away. Non-negotiables include roofs, doors and floors, as well as fixtures in the kitchen and bathrooms. Work your way from these big things to smaller problems, and hopefully, you get everything covered.

Remember: the goal is to have your home as move-in ready as possible.

Taste is subjective, so what is nice for one person may not be the same for someone else. You may find your collection of mugs or refrigerator magnets cute, but your potential buyer might find it otherwise. A house that’s too personal may make it difficult for them to envision themselves living in it.

Keep your house as neutral as possible. Keep your renovations as “normal” as possible and leave some space for the imagination. Also, take out all the clutters and extra furniture that you have so there’s enough space for them to envision themselves and their lives there.

Strong odors in your home can kill a sale right there and then. Funky smells may be one of the reasons as to why your house isn’t selling. Odors can come from many things. Pet urine, molds, mildew and cigarette smoke – make sure you address these things before people come in to visit. One problem with this is that you can actually become oblivious or tolerant to a certain smell because you become so used to it.  Thus, it helps to get a fresh nose inside the house and objectively pinpoint problem areas that you need to address. Some common culprits that need addressing include the following: pet odors or urine, smoke odors, dirty laundry, rotting food, moth balls and molds or mildew.

Anyone selling a house would want to get as much money from the sale as possible, and I’m sure this you would want the same.  However, thinking that you can get this by saving on Realtor commission fees can can actually backfire and be a reason why your house isn’t selling.

Pennsylvania Realtors bring something to the table that you don’t have, and that’s their experience. A good real estate agent can help you create the right listing, determine the best price for your home, give you tips in staging it and presenting it to potential buyers. In short, a good real estate agent will help you avoid some of these costly mistakes that I mentioned earlier, so you can have a speedy sale and not have to worry about lowering your price just to get people interested.

The solution for this? Get a Pennsylvania realtor, and talk to him or her today.

Do some of these points sound familiar? If they do, now you know why your house isn’t selling. Go address these points now and get more people interested in your home to sell your house today!

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